Book Review: “Foraging and Feasting”

Foraging and Feasting Cookbook

In this book review, I’d like to focus on a must-read for those who are truly interested in learning more about edible weeds, and who could do no better than to take a look at “Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook.” It was written by Dina Falconi and Illustrated by Wendy Hollender, two Hudson Valley residents whose Kickstarter campaign raised more money than any other book project.

The first part of the book begins with an A to Z guide to all the popular edible weeds, from Amaranth to Yellow Dock. The second half is a compendium of recipes which utilized these ingredients. I love the comprehensive nature of the descriptions of each edible weed. Not only are the illustrations by Ms. Hollender beautifully detailed, but there’s plenty of information regarding each plant’s life cycle, nutrient content, and culinary uses. Recipes include everything from sauces to entrees. Cooking instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

After trying a few recipes with the edible weeds that I found growing right in my backyard, I’m convinced that no home should be without this valuable resource. If you’re looking to add organic, sustainable and nutritious edible weeds to your diet, this book is for you.

We’ll be looking out for future projects by these two extremely knowledgeable women.


Author: Lydia

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